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New Mobile" Site Added


New Orignal Game Site Added Acrade Hentai !

50 New HentaiKey Exclusive Licensed Movies from
Critical Mass Studio have been added to our Member area!

Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better!: Episode 1
Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better!: Episode 2
Bondage 101: Episode 1
Bondage 101: Episode 2
Bondage Mansion: Episode 1
Bondage Mansion: Episode 2
Campus: Episode 2
Classroom of Atonement: Episode 1
Classroom of Atonement: Episode 2
Girl Next Door: Episode 1
Girl Next Door: Episode 2
Hardcore Hospital: Episode 1
Hardcore Hospital: Episode 2
Holy Virgins: Episode 1
Holy Virgins: Episode 2
Hooligan (Quest for the Seven Holy Dildos): Episode 1
Hooligan (Quest for the Seven Holy Dildos): Episode 2
Hot For Teacher: Episode 1
Hot For Teacher: Episode 2
I Love You: Episode 1
I Love You: Episode 2
The Invisible Stud: Episode 1
The Invisible Stud: Episode 2
My Brother's Wife: Episode 4
Naughty Nurses: Episode 1
Naughty Nurses: Episode 2
Sex Ward: Episode 1
Sex Ward: Episode 2
Sexy Sailor Soldiers
T&A Teacher
Maple Colors: Episode 1
Maple Colors: Episode 2
Wicked Lesson: Episode 1
Wicked Lesson: Episode 2
Perverse Investigations: Episode 1
Perverse Investigations: Episode 2
Private Sessions: Episode 1
Private Sessions: Episode 2
Private Sessions 2: Episode 1
Private Sessions 2: Episode 2
Rxxx Prescription for Pain: Episode 1
Rxxx Prescription for Pain: Episode 2
Slave Sisters: Episode 1
Slave Sisters: Episode 2
Venus Files: Episode 1
Venus Files: Episode 2

The Rowan & Hentchiu.

New Licensed feeds from AdultSourcemedia and
JapanAnime have been added to our Member area and
also to some of our GT sites, many more ore Studios
will added shortly to our licensed library.

The Rowan & Hentchiu. New Anime 18 DVD Movie Releases:
Angel Blade Returns
Crimson Climax 3
Midnight Strike Force 1&2

Exclusive Licensed to


Added LIVE Support System for GT (Paying) Members,
just click the link below if you have issues:

Happy New Year to all!
There will be many new additions and Lots of new Licensed Items this year.

We also are working on simplifying many sections within the HentaiKey System.

Thank You for all your support in 2005 and we promise in 2006 we will bring you even more Hentai to enjoy.

The Rowan & Hentchiu.

The Only Network with over 130 Exclusive Licensed Hentai Movies:

Adventure Kid 1,2,3
Angel Blade 1,2
Beast City 1,2
Behind Closed Door 1,2,3
Black Widow 1,2
Blood Royale 1,2
Blood Shadow 1,2,3
City of Sin 1
Crimson Climax 1,2
Demon Beast Invasion 1,2
Demon Beast Invasion 3,4
Demon Beast Invasion 5,6
Demon Warrior Koji 1,2,3
F Force 1,2,3
Fobia 1,2
La Blue Girl 1,2,3,4,5,6
La Blue Girl Return 1,2,3,4
Love Lession 1,2
Maison Plaisir 1,2
Masquerade 1,2,3,4
MidNight Panther 1,2
Mystery Necronomicon 1,2,3,4
Night Shift Nurses 1,2,3
Night Shift Nurses 5,6,7,8
Night Shift Nurses Revenge 1,2
NightMare Campus 1,2,3,4,5
Nurse Me 1,2,3
Private Psycho Lesson 1,2
Professor Pain 1,2
Pure Love 1,2
Sacrilege 1,2
Secret Desires 1,2
Sin Sorority 1,2
Slave Market 1,2,3
Spaceship Agga Ruter 1,2,3,4
Square of the Moon 1,2,3,4
Step Mother's Sin 1,2
Step Sister 1,2
Temptation 1,2
Trianlge 1,2
Urotsukidoji I 1,2
Urotsukidoji II 1,2
Urotsukidoji III 1,2,3,4
Urotsukidoji IV 1,2,3
Urotsukidoji New Saga 1,2,3
Xpress Train 1,2
Xtra Credit 1,2
All Licensed to
Hentai Movie Planet
Nekkos Village
Japan Anime Channel
Hentai Paradize
Adventure Kid
Studio: Anime18
Girl Next Door
Studio: Critical Mass
Angel Blade Returns
Studio: Anime18
Behind Closed Doors
Studio: Anime18
Venus Files
Studio: Critical Mass
Sex Ward
Studio: Critical Mass
Pigeon Blood
Studio: Adult Source Media
Maid in Heaven
Studio: Adult Source Media
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